Your name is fake

Your name is Fake
you play it well.
Your smile’s not real
Straight out of hell.

I often wondered
what you meant
when you were talking.
Then I dreamt
of someone else
in your big shoes
of someone nice
with no fake clues.

And then I woke
and didn’t know
who is the real one
who is show?

I played along
for quite some time
But I was real
there was no shine.
No filter
fake shit
there was no
sad me
strangely laughing.

And then one day
it was just clear
no more denial
no more fear.
I took the cherry
from the cake
And I stopped asking:
“Who is that Fake?”

Because that night
it all came true
There is no answer
is no clue
to who you really are to me
It made me realize
made me see.

I chewed the cherry,
and suddenly knew
that even your name
ist just fake too.

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