Silent memory

The first to disappearwas your voicefollowed by your face.Then you laughteryour jokesyour soft caring. All that's left noware memoriesof no voiceno faceno laughter. Pictures without soundPast experiences in silent color.Slowly fading into nowhere. I try to hold onkeep it safein my heartthe silent memoryof you.

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I grab your handand smile at youI lift itand skipthen you do it too We laughand we skipall the wayto the store And then all the way back.And you shout: Once more!

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Color me blind

You can let yourself inyou don’t need a keyyou don’t knock on the dooryou don’t count til threejust find me you find meyou always find me. You don’t ask for permissionyou don’t call up frontand you don’t send a textasking if I’m at homeAnd when I’m not thereyou will find me…

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