Color me blind

You can let yourself in
you don’t need a key
you don’t knock on the door
you don’t count til three
just find me 
you find me
you always find me.

You don’t ask for permission
you don’t call up front
and you don’t send a text
asking if I’m at home
And when I’m not there
you will find me anywhere.
I’m always there.

Like the friend that I’m longing
or the love I can’t find
You just know when to show up
and color me blind
take the red from the roses
and darken them black
take the green off the ground
take the blue from the sky
fly high
sink down
no more sun no more yellow 
only grey, only brown.

And I fall into your arms
wrap your scarf all around
hide in the corner,
hide in the dark
don’t need to be seen
don’t want to be found.

Because this is my home
just here
just with you
all alone
without colors
no questions 
no key
just you and my feelings.
Thanks, Melancholy.

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  1. Ivana Kralj

    Daaamn!! Woman this is beautiful!

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